“The Astonishing Master Mozart 

Comes To London”

An informal, informative talk


Dr Graham Griffiths, piano

Celebrating 250 years since the last concert on English soil by

“Signor Wolfgango Mozart, only 8 years of age, a prodigy of Nature!”

(The Public Advertiser, London, 13 May 1765)



“Absolutely fascinating. An amazing illustration of Mozart’s capabilities at such a young age, and of his family’s 18-month stay in London.”

  • Performance and discussion of piano solos composed and performed by Mozart in London between the ages of 8 and 9.
  • ‘How to Listen to Mozart’. An explanation of the unique peculiarities of Mozart’s musical language. Using his last Piano Concerto, no.27 in B flat, K.595, as the model. 
  • Music manuscripts of Mozart’s earliest-known compositions, recorded for posterity by his proud (and amazed) father, Leopold. His son was barely 5 years old. 
  • Images of Chelsea in 1764 (‘in the countryside outside London’) where Mozart composed his first symphonies.
  • Description, gleaned from letters home (to Salzburg), of Royal presentations for George III and Queen Sophie; and of informal encounters. 
  • To end, a musical rarity of great beauty and dramatic power: the Polonaise Melancolique no.1 by Mozart’s own child-prodigy, Franz Mozart, who composed using the name W. A. Mozart Fils.

[Duration: 75-90 minutes. Piano required. Power-point projector + screen provided.]