Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Astonishing Master Mozart Comes to London

An informal, informative talk


Dr Graham Griffiths, piano

Celebrating 250 years since the last concert on English soil by

“Signor Wolfgango Mozart, only 8 years of age, a prodigy of Nature!”

(The Public Advertiser, London, 13 May 1765)



“Absolutely fascinating. An amazing illustration of Mozart’s capabilities at such a young age, and of his family’s 18-month stay in London.”

  • Performance and discussion of piano solos composed and performed by Mozart in London between the ages of 8 and 9.
  • ‘How to Listen to Mozart’. An explanation of the unique peculiarities of Mozart’s musical language. Using his last Piano Concerto, no.27 in B flat, K.595, as the model. 
  • Music manuscripts of Mozart’s earliest-known compositions, recorded for posterity by his proud (and amazed) father, Leopold. His son was barely 5 years old. 
  • Images of Chelsea in 1764 (‘in the countryside outside London’) where Mozart composed his first symphonies.
  • Description, gleaned from letters home (to Salzburg), of Royal presentations for George III and Queen Sophie; and of informal encounters. 
  • To end, a musical rarity of great beauty and dramatic power: the Polonaise Melancolique no.1 by Mozart’s own child-prodigy, Franz Mozart, who composed using the name W. A. Mozart Fils.

[Duration: 75-90 minutes. Piano required. Power-point projector + screen provided.]